Three Cities in the Life of Xiong Shili

The GW Confucius Institute is excited to have scholar Dr. Ed Connelly join us for an evening talk on Xiong Shili. This lecture uses the three cities - Wuhan, Nanjing, and Beijing - to represent three stages in the life of the founder of New Confucianism, Xiong Shili, as well as the Confucian ideals that each of these three stages in Xiong’s life represents, namely patriotism, self-study and self-cultivation, and reform through education.

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早春3月桃花盛开之际,乔治·华盛顿大学孔子学院迎来了前美国国务院外务官员、高级语言分析专家康爱德(Edward Connelly)先生。康先生就中国新儒学的奠基人熊十力的生平与孔学儒学思想发表演讲。康爱德先生是浸淫中国传统文化多年的资深语言专家,在澳大利亚国立大学修读的博士学位论文即为熊十力及其新儒学研究,其对新儒学与孔子思想有独特的见地。他从美国学者的角度结合熊十力生平的地理、历史与文化环境变迁,对他的新儒学思想进行了深入的分析。


Three Cities in the Life of Xiong Shili, the Founder of New Confucianism

On Thursday, March 20th, 2014, as the cherry blossom season just begins to reveal its beauty, the George Washington University Confucius Institute warmly welcomed Senior Language Analyst Dr. Edward Connelly, the former Foreign Service Officer of the State Department, to give a lecture on the founder of New Confucianism, Mr. Xiong Shili. For decades, Dr. Connelly has submerged himself in research of Chinese culture, published an influential doctoral paper on New Confucianism and Xiong Shili’s research and has a unique understanding of New Confucianism with an American perspective. The integrated research took into consideration the geographical, historical, as well as cultural changes throughout Mr. Xiong’s life to generate a comprehensive analysis of his life and work.

The lecture successfully generated interest among professors and scholars of Chinese study in the Greater Washington DC area, and even drew the attention of visiting scholars from Europe. Prof. Kang, the Research Director for the GWCI, hosted the lecture and gave opening remarks welcoming guests to the reception.  With the generous sponsorship by the George Washington University Confucius Institute, guests enjoyed an interesting lecture followed by refreshments and friendly discussion after the event. Participants were very pleased with the lecture and showed interest in future GWCI programming.