Test FAQ

How do I register for a test?

FIRST test-takers must complete registration with the GW Confucius Institute. SECOND they will also be required to register with the Chinese test service. Once a test-taker has created a "new user" profile on the Chinese testing service website, he/she/they will be able to register for their specific test, view test score results and access HSK practice materials.

How do I submit payment for a test?

Test-takers must submit payment directly to the GW Confucius Institute. Failure to submit payment prior to the registration deadline will result in cancellation of test registration. 

Can I submit payment to the GW Confucius Institute "at the door" on the test date?

No. Test-takers must make payment prior to 12:00 pm (noon) on the payment deadline. Failure to pay prior to the payment deadline will result in cancellation of test registration. Contact our office if you have questions.

Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

Since test fees are set by the testing agency, the GW Confucius Institute is unable to offer any discounts or scholarships to registrants.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Test registration fees are non-refundable. Prior to the payment deadline, a test registrant can cancel his/her own registration on Chinesetest.cn.

Can I modify my test date?

27 days prior to the test, registrants can contact the GW Confucius Institute to post-pone his/her test date at no cost. Changes to testing dates may be requested up to 10 days prior to the originally scheduled testing date.  However, a fee of 30% of the original test registration fee will be assessed for changes made between 27 to 10 days prior to the scheduled test date. Please note that we are ONLY able to reschedule a test date within the same calendar year.

Can I modify my test level or selected test site?

No, once registration is complete, test center and test-level cannot be modified. If the test-taker would like to take a different level test, he/she must complete a new registration for the new test level. If he/she would like to register at a different test site, he/she must first cancel his/her current registration on the Chinesetest.cn website and then register for the test at the new location.

Can I take the HSK and HSKK on the same day?

Yes. Test times for HSK and HSKK do not conflict. 

Where will the test take place?

GW Confucius Institute testing will take place on the George Washington University campus in foggy bottom. Exact test room will be announced to test-takers prior to the test date.

When will the test take place?

Test times vary and are subject to change.

What items will I need to bring on the test day?

Test takers are required to bring test admission ticket and a valid photo id. If a test-taker fails to bring the test admission ticket, he/she will not be allowed to take the test and no refund will be issued. Photo ID must be completely identical to test registration information.

When can I get my test results?

Test scores will be posted on the one month after taking the exam. Score reports will be delivered to the test center 45 days after the test.

How long are test results valid?

The score report can be used for the application to Chinese universities and colleges up to two years after the test date.