Teaching Chinese Paper Cutting to Columbia Heights Educational Campus Summer Program


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On June 27, 2017 the GW Confucius Institute collaborated with the DC Public School system for their summer school educational program for ESL students at the Columbia Heights Educational Campus.

Our very own Yang Yanyan Laoshi gave a presentation on the traditional art of paper cutting and the Chinese zodiac, teaching the students the different years, animals and meanings. For demonstration, she taught the students how to make the "Double Xi 喜" paper cut, a character associated with weddings, love and happiness. Student's had a blast and took their creations home to give to parents and siblings. 

This summer program marks a much larger push in the DC Public School system to connect k-12 students with international culture, activities and arts, with a particular focus on China in order to increase understanding of China and bolster interest in learning Chinese. The GW CI is proud to continue collaboration with DC Public School to spread Chinese langauge and culture in the DC community.