A group of GW students in China outside a temple

Resources & Funding

The GW Confucius Institute is committed to promoting Chinese language and culture, which includes making these learning and research opportunities available and accessible to our community. From taking your research to the next level or traveling to China for first-hand cultural immersion and experience, we are here to help you succeed.

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Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

2018 CWS Scholarship Recipient, Weisheng Mao, presenting her research

Chung-Wen Shih Scholarship

GW medical school students may apply for this scholarship that supports integrating traditional Chinese medical practices with Western medicine.

A group of students outside in a garden during a 2018 summer tour of China

Confucius Institute Scholarship

This scholarship sponsors foreign students, scholars and Chinese language teachers wishing to study at Nanjing University.

Dr. Mahshie research remarks

Faculty Research Funding

The GW CI Research Funding Program aids distinguished university faculty conducting research or educational activities on China. 

2019 Jiangsu Cup Participants

Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest

GW's Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest is the premier Chinese language speech competition for the Greater Washington D.C. higher education community.

2019 Summer Tour of China group

Sponsored China Summer Tour

Every summer, GW CI sponsors a group of current and prospective students on an educational tour of Chinese language, art, food and history.


"A group of 12 of our master's students in speech-language pathology were able to visit China to learn about the field.  We visited Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, where students and faculty presented lectures and learned about the state of the profession in China. The trip was made possible by funds from the GW Confucius Institute."

Dr. James Mahshie

2019 GW CI Research Funding Recipient;
Professor, GW Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences