Payment & Refund Policy


The GW Confucius Institute needs to receive 100% of the payment before the first session meets.  Students who fail to pay tuition prior to the first class will not be allowed to attend.

Parents or Legal Guardians of minor students are responsible for the payment of any tuition, textbooks, and any other fees associated with his/her participation in the GW Confucius Institute’s Chinese language courses. Parents or Legal Guardians are also responsible to provide written confirmation of the minor student's intent to withdraw prior to the second class session. If he/she fails to withdraw from a course prior the last day to cancel registration, no refund will be issued.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made at our Online Payment Portal with any major Credit or Debit Card.  Currently we are unable to accept other forms of payment.

Refund Policy

All tuition payments will be refunded in the event that a class section is cancelled by the GW Confucius Institute.

If, after the first class, a student decides that the course is not suitable, he/she can obtain refund for the cost of tuition. He/she must send a written request for a refund via email to the Confucius Institute [email protected] prior to the second class meeting. No refunds or credits will be issued once the second session of instruction begins.    

Alternatively, if a student finds that the current class does not meet his/her learning needs, he/she may transfer to another class section, contingent upon his/her placement test result and the advice from language instructors. Due to the fact that different classes are priced a different tuition rates, certain adjustments might need to be applied to the initial payment.