Knowledge as the Foundation to Inform Instruction – Chinese Teaching Symposium

本体知识为体, 教学技能为用 ——汉语教学研讨会

On Friday, May 29, 2015, famous linguists from Peking University, Dr. Jianming LU and Dr. Zhen MA, were invited to give an academic lecture at the George Washington University Confucius Institute. Chinese language instructors from local universities and private instructional institutions, tutors and even a couple advanced Chinese language learners attended the lecture. The GW Confucius Institute’s Research Director, Dr. Xiaofei Kang, acted as host for this event.

Professor Zhen Ma spoke about the importance of correctly defining and explaining words for Chinese language learners. Dr. Ma discussed the question about explanation in the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” and other dictionaries. Professor Jianming LU lectured on the topic of the most common questions in grammar instruction and Chinese teachers’ foundational skills.

The lecture of Professor Jianming Lu and Professor Zhen Ma, not only offered strategic advantages to the operations of the GW Confucius Institute, but also extended those advantages to local Chinese language instructors and tutors in the DC metropolitan area. The symposium covered deep and broad exploration of Chinese language and instruction. The speakers offered great insights into Chinese language instruction through the analysis of these specific grammar facts and their experience teaching, creating a deeper understanding and new teaching methodology for participants. This program will provide many benefits to the community by offering instructors professional development opportunities that will translate into improved instruction for local language learners.


Dr. Zhen Ma - PPT (PDF) 

Dr. Jianming LU - PDF (PDF) 

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