HSK Proficiency Test Level 5 Preparation



INSTRUCTOR: Instructor ZHANG Li                       
TEXTBOOK/MATERIALS: All handouts will be provided by the GW Confucius Institute.
TUITION: $ 300                                                     
DATES: Mondays, Februrary 3 - April 27*  [10 sessions]
CLASS TIME: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
LOCATION: GW Confucius Institute, Room 201

**Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Spring Break April 6 - 10, Presidents Day February 17. This class only meets for 10 sessions.

Course Description:

     The HSK Level 5 Exam Preparation Course is an intensive course for pre-examination for students preparing for the HSK Level 5. A total of ten lessons, one and a half hours each time. The teaching content is mainly based on the HSK Level 5 vocabulary. It is planned to select 540 common vocabulary from the 1200 vocabulary of the HSK Level 5 exam, with an average of 54 vocabulary per lesson, focusing on the topic, and combining the HSK Level 5 exam questions. Listening, reading, and writing to these more than 500 commonly used vocabulary to achieve the purpose of helping students master the meaning of words and use them flexibly. During the course of the course, it is planned to arrange two real-life simulation tests under the class. The purpose is to familiarize the students with the examination process, test questions, and self-testing their own Chinese proficiency.

    HSK五级考试备考班是为备考HSK五级考试的学生提供的考前强化课程。共十次课,每次课一个半小时。教学内容以讲解操练HSK五级词汇为主, 计划从HSK五级考试的1200个词汇中选取常用词汇540个,平均每次课54个词汇,进行重点讲解,同时结合HSK五级考试的题型对这500多个常用词汇进行听、读、写方面的训练,以达到帮助学生熟练掌握词义,并能灵活运用的目的。在课程学习过程中,计划在课下安排两次真题模拟考试,目的是让学生熟悉考试过程,考试题型,同时对自己的汉语水平进行自我检测。