Heritage Restoration Series | Thread-bound Book Restoration Video

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The GW Confucius Institute is pleased to partner with Nanjing University Library (南大图书馆) to present the Heritage Restoration Series (“文物修复”工程系列), in which free videos explaining the art of restoring various Chinese cultural heritage items will be shared, starting with today's Thread Sewing Book Restoration Video. We hope you enjoy!


The ancient, thread-bound books of Nanjing University mainly came from the collections of National Central University, Nanking University and the Chinese Cultural Research Institute of Nanking University. The university currently has over 380,000 such books, over 30,000 of which are rare books in about 3,000 kinds. These valuable collections are extensive in content, especially in regional annals from the Ming and Qing dynasties. They are part of China's cultural heritage, saved only after their restoration by generations of the university’s teachers and students, who went through tremendous hardship to do so. They have played a vital role in the century-old academic development of the university.

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