GW CI Cultural Lecture Series | Bridge the Pacific Ocean with Beijing Opera


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The GW Confucius Institute's partner, DC Beauty of Beijing Opera, LTD (DCBBO) 华府“京剧之花” is presenting a free virtual concert by eleven world renowned Beijing opera artists from across the Pacific Ocean (中美京剧名家荟萃“京剧之花”公益抗疫 云中盛会唱演京剧 畅谈京剧).

In combat with the COVID-19 pandemic and with an aim to shorten the social distance among people, DCBBO is launching a new concert on August 29th in collaboration with over ten world renowned artists from East to West to bring Beijing Opera performance back to our communities. The free, online programming will showcase the diversified performing skills and excellent workmanship of these artists via live stream on YouTube. The artists will also interact with audiences by answering questions via the parallel ZOOM Webinar.

Concert language: English and Chinese. 


Livestream on YouTube

Zoom Webinar Link

Meeting ID: 873 9487 5379

Passcode: 062984


Performers List

MA Shaoliang 马少良

SHA Shuying 沙淑英

QIN Xueling 秦雪玲

ZHAO Fei 赵飞

WU Hong 吴虹

XI Zhonglu 奚中路

ZHANG Jing 张晶

BO Xiru 傅希如

ZHAO Qun 赵群

CHENG Pingyi 陈平一

WENG Sizai 翁思再