Experiencing Chinese Calligraphy


Please note that it is NOT necessary to complete a placement test. This course is taught in English

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor LIU Zhi                        
TEXTBOOK/MATERIALS: All supplies for calligraphy and handouts will be provided by GW Confucius Institute.
TUITION: $ 220                                                       
DATES: Tuesdays, January 29 - April 2** [10 sessions]
CLASS TIME: 6:00 - 7:15 pm***
LOCATION:  GW Confucius Institute, Room 202

**This course will only meet for 10 sessions.

 ***Please note classes are only 75 minutes long.

Course Description:

Chinese Calligraphy is an unique art form in Chinese culture developed over 4,000 years. Participants in this class will be introduced to the fundamental elements of Chinese Calligraphy, including the construction of the strokes to form a character and the Four Treasures (Brush, Rice Paper, Ink Stick, Ink Stone) which are used to write the characters. Students will be instructed by the teacher on how to write simple characters and phrases in the Standard Script using brushes. Students will also have an opportunity to appreciate calligraphy examples demonstrated in 6 different scripts done by various famous artists throughout history. This class is great for self-cultivation through art.

*No placement test is required. This course is taught in English.