Experience Chinese Watercolor Painting


*Please note that it is NOT necessary to complete a placement test. This course is taught in English*

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor MAO Yue           
TEXTBOOK: Chinese Brush Painting: An Academic Approach for Painting Flowers and Fish (ISBN: 9780984291502)*
                      OPTIONAL: Watercolor: Chinese Brush How to Draw & Paint (ISBN: 1560101660)
MATERIALS: All supplies for painting and handouts will be provided by GW Confucius Institute.
TUITION: $ 270                                               
DATES: Wednesdays, Februrary 5 - April 29**  
CLASS TIME: 6:00 - 7:15pm***
LOCATION: GW Confucius Institute, Room 202

*Textbooks are NOT available for purchase from the GW Confucius Institute. 

**Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Spring Break April 6 - 10.

***Please note classes are only 75 minutes long.

Course Description:

Chinese painting is a unique form of painting. It is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and art, and has a unique painting language and artistic style. This course will introduce students to the unique brush and ink techniques of Chinese painting, cultivate appreciation of paintings by different artists in China, and teach painting techniques of flowers and animals. Students will learn and enjoy the unique artistic style of Chinese painting and feel the inner spirit of Chinese "pen and ink."