Dumpling Night


February 22nd 2015 was the first Sunday in the year of the sheep. The George Washington University Confucius Institute co-sponsored the Dumpling Night with the student association, Global China Connection. Approximately 30 American and Chinese guests, including faculty, staff and students, joined the event, making dumplings from scratch. Among the participants were Dr. Stanley Kober, a specialist in the study of international affairs, John-Louis Pane the president of the Global China Connection and the vice president of the Global China Connection, Zhaoyuan Liu.

Also among the guests was Conner Zhang, an exchange student from the Honours College at the University of Macau who is currently studying communications at the Columbian College of Art and Sciences at GW. He felt that the dumplings at the event tasted very similar to his home-cooking, which made him feel at home. While he was sad not to be able to spend the Chinese New Year back home with his family, he was surprised by the university-wide Lunar New Year celebrations, which were spearheaded by the GW Confucius Institute. He was deeply impressed with the multi-cultural engagements. In addition, he met another University of Macau alumni who is currently studying statistics at GW. “My impression of a place starts with the local food,” said Connor Zhang, “the dumpling I had at the Dumpling Night will definitely stay in my memory.”

Student ambassadors in GW Confucius Institute contributed to set up the site, made dumplings and shared experience with other students in the event. It was the first event collaboration for the GW Confucius Institute and the Global China Connection. This event provided a great opportunity for Chinese and American students in the GW community to network and share in the joy of making and tasting dumplings. The GW Institute was proud to serve as the co-sponsor for this event and look forward to further cooperation with Global China Connection.

2015年2月22日,是农历羊年的第一个周日。乔治·华盛顿大学孔子学院和大学的学生组织Global China Connection一起举办了“饺子之夜”活动。这是一个由美国学生为主的学生组织牵头发起的与中国传统文化相关的活动。数十位中美教授、职员和学生们一起在孔子学院小楼包饺子,品尝了中国传统食物的美味。来宾中包括研究国际关系的专家史丹利·库珀博士, Global China Connection学生组织的主席John Louis Pane和副主席刘兆元等。

Connor Zhang是一位来自澳门大学荣誉学院的在乔治·华盛顿大学做春季交换生的大三学生。在与他的采访中,他提到在这次活动中吃到的饺子的口味和家里的一模一样,让他有了回家的感觉。他说,今年来到美国留学本来有些遗憾,因为不能在家和家人一起欢度春节,但是没想到乔治·华盛顿大学在2月19日大年初一当天举办了全校的农历新年庆祝活动,使他深深的感受到美国多元文化的特色。令他惊喜的是,在饺子之夜他还碰到了另一位澳门大学的校友,以及一位与他同是河北籍的美国华人。对于Connor Zhang来说,一个地方使他印象最深刻的一般都是当地的食物,所以在乔治·华盛顿大学孔院吃到的饺子,会让他终身难忘。

多位乔治·华盛顿大学孔子学院的学生志愿者帮助主办方组织场地,包饺子并与其他的参与者一起分享了自己的经历。这是乔治·华盛顿大学孔子学院第一次和Global China Connection 合作举办活动。“饺子之夜”为乔治·华盛顿大学的中国与美国的学生提供了一个很好的交流平台。大家在一起分享包饺子和品尝饺子的快乐。乔治·华盛顿大学为能够举办一场全校性的活动感到骄傲。

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