Discounts & Scholarships

Instructor with students

General discounts are applicable to all comprehensive group classes and one-on-one sessions. General discounts cannot be combined with each other. General discounts cannot be applied in combination with package discounts for Character Fundamentals or One-on-One classes.

General Discounts

  • 20% off for GW affiliates, including current staff, students and alumni.

  • 10% off for all federal, state and local government employees.

  • 10% off for veterans and active duty military.

Package Discounts

Class Type Tuition Discounted Price
Character Fundamental* $180 per semester $120 with enrollment in comprehensive group class
One-on-One: Instructor & HSK Test Prep $60 Per Hour

$300 for 6 X 1-Hour Sessions

$450 for 10 X 1-Hour Sessions

One-on-One: Professional Tutor $50 Per Hour

$260 for 6 X  1-Hour Sessions

$400 for 10 X 1-Hour Sessions

One-on-One: Tutor $40 Per Hour

$200 for 6 X 1-Hour Sessions

$320 for 10 X 1-Hour Sessions

On a case by case basis, One-on-One Instruction could be performed for 2 students. If the 2-person class is approved, the second person receives 50% off tuition.


No Scholarships are available at this time. University tuition awards cannot be applied to our semester tuition.

We currently are unable to apply GI Bill benefits to tuition costs.

We currently do not offer tuition remission for GW staff and faculty.