Cross-Cultural Dialogue with Kato Yoshikazu

Kato Yoshikazu
On April 28th, The George Washington University Confucius Institute welcomed a very famousscholar in China Studies Mr. Kato Yoshikazu to speak at the cross-cultural dialogue. This event is also sponsored by Sigur Center for Asian Studies, GW Chinese Cultural Association, GW Chinese Students Scholars Association and GWU Global China Connection. Besides, GW Confucius Institute also invited Owen Wu, a senior student at the Elliott School of International Affairs as the moderator. At the beginning of the dialogue, Ms. Taoran Sun, Managing Director of the GW Confucius Institute, first welcomed the arrival of Mr. Kato and thanked for the cooperation and support of sponsors. During the dialogue, Mr. Kato expressed his views on cross-cultural communication which includes common misunderstanding and perception from one country towards another. In addition, Mr. Kato also talked about his perception of Chinese unique culture, such as the greetings, parent-child and teacher-student relationships, and gift culture. At last, Mr. Kato recalled his experience studying in China and the US and his living experience in Japan, Beijing and DC. At the end of the discussion, the floor was opened to the audience for questions and discussion with Mr. Kato. Students, members of the community and teachers at the GW Confucius Institute all engaged Mr. Kato with interesting questions. The questions addressed topics ranging from the difference between China, US, and Japan, to the Chinese youths’ responsibilities. Mr. Kato answered all of them by citing his own experience in the past years and encouraged younger Chinese students to work hard and pursue their dreams. After the dialogue, audiences had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Kato in person and took pictures with him. Through this dialogue with Mr. Kato, guests gained a much deeper understanding of the different cultures in China, Japan, and the United States.