Confucius Says Discussion on Filial Piety in Contemporary Families with Veronica Li


On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, three-time author Veronica Li visited the GW Confucius Institute to discuss her novel, Confucius Says, which explores how the Confucian value of filial piety is translated in a contemporary Chinese-American family. The novel earned a lot of praise and an invitation to speak at Confucius Institutes from Chinese Vice Minister Madame Xu Lin, Director-General of Confucius Institute Headquarters.

Ms. Li discussed how her personal experience caring for aging parents inspired and informed the novel, Confucius Says.  Giving a brief introduction of Confucius and filial piety, she noted that reading ancient texts is still relevant in the modern era as one can find “pearls of wisdom which are universal to our nature.”

Participants had a chance to hear a humorous reading of her book and ask questions. American, Chinese and Chinese-American participants, both young and old, enjoyed an engaging discussion, sharing their unique perspectives and personal experiences with filial piety. 


2016年3月29日星期二,已是三度出书的作家Veronica Li女士来到乔治·华盛顿大学孔子学院就她的小说《孔子说》举办演讲。该书探寻了孔夫子价值观下的孝道是如何在当代美国的华裔家庭中传承体现的。小说赢得了高度评价的同时还获得了孔子学院总部总干事、副部长许琳女士的邀请来到孔子学院进行演讲。