Chinese Tea Culture: Exhibition & Seminar

Tea Tasting in Spring, Elegance from the East (春风啜茗,东方雅韵)

The GW Confucius Institute was incredibly honored to host our first annual Chinese Tea Culture Series. This event was co-sponsored by a visiting delegation from the Guandong Provincial Tea Culture Promotion Association, led by its President Cai Jinhua and Vice President Huang Bo.

As a two-day event, members of the GW and greater-Washington DC community had the opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese tea culture. On Friday, May 1, the Guandong Provincial Tea Culture Promotion Association transformed the GW Confucius Institute’s F Street townhouse into an exhibition of exquisite tea sets. Visitors arrived to greetings from GW Confucius Institute Student Ambassadors and were able to interact with the visiting tea experts.

On Saturday, May 2, over 50 guests arrived at the beautiful Elliott School City View Room for a dynamic exhibition and seminar on traditional Chinese tea culture. GW Confucius Institute’s Managing Director, Taoran Sun, gave welcoming remarks, which ended with a Tang Dynasty Poem from Du Fu (杜甫). The poem inspired the theme of the 2015 tea culture event, which was “Tea Tasting in Spring, Elegance from the East (春风啜茗,东方雅韵)。

Guests ranged from GW faculty and students interested in traditional Chinese culture, to local working professionals and members of the DC Chinese-American community.  Four tea experts from the Guangdong Provincial Tea Culture Promotion Association discussed the origin, production, health benefits and the culture of tea and demonstrated the Chinese tea pouring ceremony. All Guests had the opportunity to taste four different types of Chinese teas, including traditional green tea (绿茶), white tea (白茶), pu’erh tea (普洱茶) and black tea (红茶). After the event, all attendees were presented with a gift bag of white tea (白茶), which was graciously provided by our visiting tea experts.

It has always been the George Washington University Confucius Institute’s wish to promote deeper understanding of Chinese culture. It is our belief that “tea” represents an important and core cultural element of China. Through this two-day event, our guests were able to gain a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for traditional Chinese tea culture. It was Guangdong Provincial Tea Culture Promotion Association’s first opportunity to promote tea culture in the United States, and they are hoping to make continuing efforts to bring the Chinese tea culture to the world.


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China Daily Picture