Chinese Medicine and Culture Guest Lecture Series and Public Forum

Traditional Chinese Medicine
On April 17th & 18th, 2015, the GW Confucius Institute was able to hold two incredible events that explored the study of traditional Chinese medicine. These events were cosponsored by the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and welcomed three visiting lecturers: Dr. Haibo Cheng, Dr. Weixing Shen, and Dr. Dongdong Sun. On Friday, April 17, 2015, the GW Confucius Institute invited esteemed colleagues, such as Dean Jeffrey Akman of the School of Medicine, to network with our guest lecturers. They have talked about possible ways to integrate the western medical practice with the traditional Chinese medical treatment to further promote public health. Ms. Rose Chen, the expert in Chinese medicine research was also attracted to attend this event.
     On April 18, 2015, the three lecturers presented their Research at an open event. They discussed topics such as traditional Chinese medicine culture and health prevention, Chinese medicine theory and disease treatment, and the development and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine resources. Both events were hosted in the beautifully constructed School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The event attracted a crowd beyond only GW currently enrolled students and Confucius Institute language students. Guests arrived from locations as far as McLean, Virginia simply to hear from our distinguished lecturers. After the lecture, a formal question and answer period was opened to the public. These questions and comments from the audience ranged from personal stories of the effects of traditional Chinese medicine to specific questions from the lectures. At the conclusion of the event, guests were welcome to enjoy light refreshments and had the opportunity to individually approach our lecturers to experience “Ba Mai” – a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves analysing the patient’s health through taking their pulse. Through this dialogue with our visiting scholars and distinguished lecturers, guests gained a much deeper understanding of the true story of  traditional Chinese medicine.