Calligraphy Follows Heart: Commemorating the Asian American Heritage Month

On May 3, 2013, the GW Confucius Institute hosted a three day exhibition of Chinese calligraphy entitled "Calligraphy Follows Heart" in commemoration of Asian American Heritage Month. The exhibition was held in the recently renovated townhouse and new home for the GW Confucius Institute.


Event Description:

In 2012, the United States House of Representatives passed the Resolution (H. Res. 683) that expressed regrets for “the passage of legislation that adversely affected people of Chinese origin in the United States because of their ethnicity.” The Resolution has a significant impact on the Chinese community within the United States. Chinese Americans who are originally from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia all expressed their support for the Resolution.  On the first anniversary of the passage of this Resolution, it is appropriate to demonstrate Chinese culture and the mutual understanding between different cultures through Chinese calligraphy. It will certainly receive support from the majority of Chinese Americans and enhance the image of Chinese culture.

2012年,美国参众两院通过的“向美国华人道歉案”,是一件影响深远的事件,对在美华人意义重大。无论是中国大陆,台湾,香港,东南亚的在美华人全都衷心拥护支持, 这是值得大书特书的政治事件,也是美国政治史上的一件光明案件。在一周年之际,用书法作品的这个中华民族独特的形式来表现在美华人的尊严, 炎黄文化的内涵,不同文化之间的沟通, 和发自内心的声音,不仅是我们“话语权”的表达,而且是中国书法艺术展现魅力和与现实重大事件的结合与呼应,是百年难得的机会,能够得到绝大多数华人的支持认可, 也是一次文化精神的提升和亮相。


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