Business Chinese [Special Topics]


Please note that a proficiency level of GW Confucius Institute Placement Test Level 6 is necessary to take this course.

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor LIU Zhi
Excellent Chinese: Business Practice (ISBN: 9787560096216)*
OPTIONAL: Excel in Chinese From Good to Great (Chinese Edition) (ISBN: 9787560050010)

TUITION: $ 400
DATES: Mondays, Februrary 3 - May 4**
CLASSTIMES: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
LOCATION: GW Confucius Institute, Room 302

**Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Spring Break April 6 - 10 and Presidents Day February 17.

*Excellent Chinese: Business Practice can be purchased from the GW CI for $13 plus sales tax. However, Excel in Chinese From Good to Great is not available for purchase.

Course Description:

This is the advanced level of Chinese Business course offered in the Spring semester only. Students will learn more vocabulary and sentence patterns which are frequently used in the business field. Students will also be engaged in more readings and discussions on current topics during class.
**NOTE: This course is a continuation and the next step up from the Business Chinese offered in the Fall. In order to enroll, students are only required to have a proficiency level of Placement Test Level 6.