Business Chinese Course 501 [comprehensive]

商务汉语 - 501

Please note that a proficiency level of GW Confucius Institute Placement Test Level 6 is necessary to take this course.

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor LIU Zhi
TEXTBOOK: Excellent Chinese: Business Practice (ISBN: 9787560096216)*
DATES: Thursday, September 14 - December 07**
CLASSTIMES: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
LOCATION: GW Confucius Institute 2147 F ST NW, Washington DC - Room 302

**Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Thanksgiving Break November 20 - 24.

*Textbook available for purchase from the GW Confucius Institute for $13.

Course Description:

This course combines language study with the practice of actual business activities. Example topics to be covered include Chinese characteristics and etiquette during business contact, the investment environment in China, etc. This course strives to develop the student's abilities to use Mandarin language successfully in a business environment.

Please note that scores of 18 on the GW Confucius Institute Placement Test Level 5 to 18  points on Test Level 6 will place into this course.