Beginner Level Chinese Course 101 [Comprehensive]

初级中文课程 - 101

Please note that it is not necessary to complete a placement test as this class is developed for students with no previous study of Chinese.

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor LIU Liyan                          
TEXTBOOK: New Concept Chinese I Textbook & Workbook (ISBN:9787561932568; 9787561939338)*
TUITION: $390                                                       
DATES: Wednesdays, February 1 - April 26**
CLASS TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

**Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Spring Break April 10 - 14.

*Textbook is available for purchase from the GW Confucius Institute for $15; workbook can be purchased for $13.

Course Description:

This class is designed for students with very little to no Chinese language background. Students will start learning the language by getting to know the Pinyin System. By the end of the term, students will learn vocabulary, the correct pronunciations and tones to conduct basic conversation, as well as some simple Chinese characters.