Advanced Level Chinese - [Special Topics]


Please note: all students, who have not graduated Advanced Chinese or Business Chinese 501, are required to complete a placement test for this course. 

INSTRUCTOR: Instructor ZHANG Hongcheng
DATES: Mondays, January 29 - April 30*
CLASSTIMES6:00 - 7:30 pm

*Please note classes will not be held on the following days: Presidents Day on February 19 nor Spring Break March 25 - 30.


Course Description: 

This class is designed for student with the highest proficiency level. The goal is for students to maintain proficiency through regular practice of the target language. Materials will be updated each semester, so the course can be attended continuously.

Please note that a proficiency level of 18 points on the GW Confucius Institute Placement Test Level 6 is necessary to take this course.