About Research Funding

GW Confucius Institute Research Funding Program aids distinguished university faculty, who are conducting research and engaged in educational activities on China. These awards enable our faculty to pursue groundbreaking research in an array of disciplines and remain on the cutting-edge of innovation and discovery. From supporting research travel to book publications, the research funding program is committed to enhancing the global reach of our research, expanding our research into new multidisciplinary fields, and assisting faculty in taking their research innovations to the next level.


Since 2014, the GWCI has granted support for nearly 70 projects in 16 departments, such as Art History, Physics, Economics, and East Asian Languages & Literatures. Some projects to highlight are Dr. James Mahshie’s 2019 “Language outcomes in Mandarin-speaking children with cochlear implants in China” project. It established a research and academic relationship between GW and Chinese universities and hospitals that study and train professionals in areas related to adults and children with speech, language and hearing disorders. In addition, Dr. Steven Balla’s 2017 “The Internet and Political Reform in China: Government Consultation and Citizen Participation” project helped train students at the Research Center for Contemporary China (RCCC) at Peking University to collect and code information about consultation and feedback in a variety of government organizations (at the central, provincial, and local levels). GW Confucius Institute Research Funding program is aimed to support university faculty who are conducting research and engaged in educational activities on China. 


The research proposals are considered and selected by a peer-review committee composed of GW faculty members. They are ultimately approved by the CCAS Dean. Research results may be disseminated without limitation.