2017 Jiangsu Cup Speech Contest Winners & Recap

winners pose for a photo
Finalists for the 2017 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest
November 08, 2017

The 7th Annual Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest for the greater Washington Metropolitan area was held at George Washington University on Sunday, October 29, 2017. The 15 participants who competed in the final round came form 9 universities in DC, Maryland and Virginia. All participants in the final round of competition earned a scholarship for study or traveling to Jiangsu Province, China. Gold Award winners received scholarship to study full-time at Nanjing University. Silver Award winners will go on an all expenses-paid trip to Jiangsu Province. Bronze Award winners receive a partial scholarship to study Chinese at Nanjing University. 

Finalists competed through several rounds of competition, including a prepared speech, Q&A on Jiangsu Province & Chinese, and an improvised speech on a randomly selected topic. Results were announced after hours of intense competition. 

Congratulations to all participants for their performance and dedication to Chinese language study and culture. 

All Finalists for the 2017 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest. Congrats!

All Finalists for the 2017 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest


Gold Award Winners

Raphael Angieri    李少轩  -  Georgetown University
Raphael Angieri - Gold Award Winner
Jaebok Lee           李在馥  -  Georgetown University
Jaebok Lee - Gold Award Winner


Silver Award Winners

Sarah Mack               孟欣怡  - Georgetown University
Silver Award Winner
Emily Pearson-Beck 李美丽  - The College of William & Mary
Heather McDonough  马涵  - University of Richmond
Silver Award Winner
James Olson                  吴杰  - The George Washington University
Silver Award Winner
Alexandra Siller         史安諒  - The University of Virginia
Silver Award Winner
Corinne Perloski        白诗捷  - The University of Maryland - College Park

Silver Award Winner


Bronze Award Winners

Parker Malarkey        佩东  -  Georgetown University
Bronze Award Winner
Mary Babameto         白玫  -  The College of William & Mary
Bronze Award Winner
Emily Olson             孙明意  -  George Mason University
Bronze Award Winner
Mai Nguyen            阮 玉铃  -  Liberty University
Bronze Award Winner
Minji Kim                  金玟志  -  The George Washington University
Bronze Award Winner
Eliana Duran            段丽娜  -  American University
Bronze Award Winner
Harris Albritton           张明  -  Liberty University
Bronze Award Winner