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New Challenges in Teaching Chinese Language and Culture in the Global Context

May 8th of 2016, the GW Confucius Institute and Nanjing University Institute for International Students co-hosted the second GW-NJU International Chinese Teaching Symposium on GW university campus. The Managing Director of the GW Confucius Institute Francis Taoran Sun, former Dean of the Institute for International Students of Nanjing University Dr. Aimin Cheng addressed the opening remarks to the symposium as hosts respectively. Fengshou Sun, the first secretary of the Education Office, Chinese Embassy also gave the warm welcoming remarks and acknowledgements to the symposium on behalf of the Embassy. The symposium later hosted as two separate panels: one specifically dedicated on Chinese language teaching materials with its communication techniques; and another panel focused on teaching methodologies and its new technologies. The symposium welcomed over 40 participants from various schools and institutes in greater DC area, New York city, and China; every participant communicated heatedly and effectively on symposium and the dinner held thereafter.



Event Speakers

General Session Speakers:

Dr. ZHOU Xiaobing, 周小兵博士,Professor, Head of the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Director of Base for International Chinese Teaching Materials Development and Teacher Training,  Sun Yat-sen University.
教材库建设与教材评估|Textbook Library Construction & Material Evaluation
Dr. Zhou is a professor, Chinese linguist and Chinese as a foreign language educator. He supervised doctoral and master’s students in Chinese as a foreign language acquisition and pedagogy. He was a visiting scholar at the City College of New York. He has also train local Chinese teachers in Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Dr. Zhou has published over 140 journal papers on Chinese grammar and Chinese as a foreign language acquisition and pedagogy, 10 monographs and 3 textbooks. He was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award in 2009 and winner of special allowance for professors with outstanding achievements at Sun Yat-sen University.

Dr. BAI Jianhua, 白建华博士,Professor of Chinese, Kenyon College; Director of the Chinese School, Middlebury College.
语言测试在华语教学中的有效融入 | Introduction to the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Tester Training
Dr. Bai teaches Chinese language at all levels, linguistics and Chinese language pedagogy. He won the 2012 Senior Faculty Trustee Teaching Excellence Award of Kenyon College. His research interests include foreign language education and assessment, integration of technology into the CFL curriculum and action research. He has extensive experience in teacher training and supervision for various world languages. He has served as the Director of Kenyon Intensive Language Model, training, supervising and evaluating teaching assistants of seven world languages. He served on the Executive Board for 2 terms and as President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association. He is currently a board member of the International Society of Chinese Language Teaching.


Panel Co-Chairs:

Dr. JIANG Nan, 蒋楠博士,Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition, University of Maryland. Nan Jiang received his Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching from the University of Arizona. His research is related to lexical development and representation, sentence processing, bilingual representation and processing in the context of Chinese and English as a second language. He has published in all leading second language acquisition journals, including LL, SSLA, SLR, BLC, AL, AP.

Dr. ZHANG Hang, 张航博士,Assistant Professor of Chinese Language & Linguistics, the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures, the George Washington University. Dr. Zhang has published books and research articles in the fields of second language phonology, tone acquisition, Chinese applied linguistics and language pedagogy.  Her recent publications include articles in Second Language Research, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, and Chinese as a Second Language (Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association), etc.

Dr. YANG Yuling, 杨玉玲博士,Visiting Scholar, The George Washington University Confucius Institute; Professor, Capital Normal University. Dr. Yang obtained her M.A and Ph.D from Beijing University. Her area of expertise is Chinese Grammar and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Professor Yang has extensive teaching experience and has taught in universities around the world, including Middlebury College in the U.S., Kiev University in Ukraine, UITM in Malaysia and the Philippines. She published 5 books and nearly 40 papers related to Chinese Grammar and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

Dr. ZHANG Shengzhen, 张生珍博士,Professor, Dean, Jiangsu Normal University. Specializing in American literature and teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Dr. Zhen has published for more than 30 papers, books, and translated books -12 of which are AHCI and CSSCI papers. Dr. Zhang holds 5 provincial awards and hosted two provincial level projects as well as an National Post-Doctor funding project. Dr. Zhang has held major positions as the Associate Director of Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching Association, ALSE Member, Associate Director of National American Drama Research Association, etc. Also serve as the reviewing expert of <Newspaper of PLA University of Foreigner Languages> among other publications.


Panel 1 Speakers:

Dr. REN Xiaofei, Director of Language & Culture Center, Jiangsu University
吟诵--全球汉语语言文化的匙要 | Chinese Chanting as a Key to Successful Chinese Language & Culture Teaching

WANG Xun, Teaching Supervisor, You Can Speak Chinese Language Center
如何在HSK教学中使用YCSC教学法 | How to Use YCSC Teaching Methods for HSK Coursework

WANG Tiansong, Professor, College of Innovative Management, Valaya-Alongkorn Rajabhat University Thailand
汉语教学在泰国| Teaching Chinese in Thailand

YANG Jing, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, College of International Exchange, Shanghai University
孔子学院:合作与冲突 | Confucius Institute: Cooperation & Conflict

LI Hui, Visiting Teaching Fellow, The George Washington University
汉语水平考试 | HSK Testing


Panel 2 Speakers:

MA Xue, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University
语法 “了”的教学与学生偏误分析| The Grammatical Teaching & Problem Analysis of Character “Le”

Dr. YANG Yuling, Visiting Scholar, The George Washington University Confucius Institute
“多+V”和”V+多”的不对称及其解释 | The Asymmetrical & Analytical Explanation of ”Multiple+V” & “V+Multiple”

LE PHAM Quoc Hung, Master Student, Chung Yuan Christian University
汉越语文中之委婉语表达方式——以人体排泄为例 | Euphemistic Expressions in Chinese & Vietnamese Languages

HUANG Yan, Teacher, Alexandria City Public Schools
如何通过创新与艺术的方式教学汉字 | How to Teach Chinese Characters In a Creative & Artistic Way

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