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The 2018 Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest

The Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest, organized by the George Washington University Columbian College of Arts & Sciences and GW Confucius Institute, in partnership with Nanjing University of China, is the premier speech competition for the Greater Washington D.C. higher education community.

The 11th Annual Conference on China’s Economic Development and U.S.-China Economic Relations

The U.S.-China relationship is now second to none in importance for international economic relations and policy and accordingly is a major focus of IIEP. The centerpiece of this initiative is our annual Conference on China’s Economic Development and U.S.-China Economic and Political Relations, which has become one of the premier events of its type.

Going Global: The China Factor

US-China commerce will be the most important business story of the next decade. On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia held a panel discussion with industry-leading Chinese and US company executives, legal and business policy experts. This year's program focused on how to build successful business relationships with Chinese companies both in China and in the U.S. and to provide services and products in the U.S. which appeal to Chinese companies seeking U.S. market access.

Crouching Tigers & Hidden Dragons - Historical Image of Nanjing

Nanjing, a historical city located to the south of Yangtze River, had been chosen as the capital city by ten dynasties in ancient China. It was reported that Zhuge Liang, the most famous strategist in the third century, had remarked, “the Bell Mountain in the east is like a coiling dragon, while the Stone City in the west is like a crouching tiger. Therefore the city is destined to be a capital city.” Since then, dragon and tiger has been a image of this city.

Three Waves of Jewish Migration to Shanghai: 1845-1941

In partnership with the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, GW Judaic Studies Program and the GW History Department, we are proud to have had Dr. Liliane Willens lead a special lecture and Q&A on Three Waves of Jewish Migration to Shanghai: 1845-1941. A retired professor from Boston College and MIT, Dr. Liliane Willens is a current Washington, D.C. resident with a vibrant history growing up in Shanghai, China. Dr. Willens was born of Russian parentage in the former French Concession of Shanghai.

Fourth Symposium on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 The George Washington University in collaboration with the Nanjing University Institute for International Students hosted our Fourth Annual Symposium on Teaching Chinese Language. Guest speakers from around the world came to the symposium to speak about "Meeting the Diverse Demands of Research on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in International Communities".

GW CI's Summer Tour of China 2018

For the purpose of promoting the learning of Chinese language and culture, the George Washington University Confucius institute was honored to sponsor a group of students from the GW Confucius Institute as well as students from the university to take a tour in China during the summer of 2018. The dates are tentatively set for the period of May 28 - June 10*. The GW Confucius Institute’s partner institution in China, Nanjing University, hosted the tour. The tour visited historically and culturally significant locations in Nanjing, Xi'an and Chengdu.

GW President LeBlanc Meets with NJU & Ministry of Education Delegations

The GW Confucius Institute hosted a meeting between the George Washington University President LeBlanc and Minister Counselor of Education, CEN Jianjun, an official of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, and Chancellor ZHU Qingbao, of Nanjing University. President LeBlanc thanked Chancellor Zhu for NJU’s continuous support of the GW Confucius Institute and its educational programs such as the annual Chinese Language Speech contest. President LeBlanc also received a delegation from the Chinese embassy led by Minister Counselor of Education, CEN Jianjun.

Private Reception: Honoring Donation by Dr. Liliane Willens

The GW Confucius Institute has received a generous donation of antique furniture dating from early & mid 20th century China from Dr. Liliane Willens. In her youth, Dr. Willens lived in Shanghai, China during the 1930s and 1940s. We are honored to accept such historical and special furniture, which will be placed in the GW Confucius Institute building. This reception will mark the formal introduction of the furniture into our offices, common spaces, and classrooms.

Chung-wen Shih Scholarship

GW Alumna describes the impact of receiving the Shih Scholarship.

In 2014 Professor Shih established an endowed scholarship under the GW Confucius Institute. The scholarship is intended for GW students to reflect Dr. Shih’s interest in promoting cultural exchange between the East and the West. The recipients of the scholarship are to be current or future George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences medical students who have demonstrated an interest in integrating traditional Chinese medical practices (such as acupuncture) with Western Medicine.

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